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The Only Way To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day!

There really is only way to turn a really bad day into a really good day!

At least as far as I’m concerned, and that is by watching cute cat videos on Youtube. And there is really only one thing better than that, and that is watching cute kitten videos on Youtube.

And that is what we have right here, one man, for a brief 1 minute and 38 seconds, holding the whole world in his right hand. A cute little ball of fluffiness that can only be a few weeks old.

As you can see it’s extremely tiring being this cute, she can’t keep her eyes open. I think there is only one thing cuter than a kitten that’s wide awake, and it’s this, a kitten that is fast asleep.

Or maybe better still a whole family fast asleep in the cutest position possible.

Just check out this cute tabby’s tiny paws, it looks like she’s wearing little white mittens. If there was ever such a thing as too cute, I think it is in this video.

You can watch it right here below:

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