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The Movie Trailer All Cat Lovers Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here.

When it first came out, my son loved this movie, you know, the cartoon version. He loved it so much we had to get the DVD. He loved it so much we had to go to the Broadway show.

He was addicted, and to be honest, so were we. The whole family watched over and over again. For good reason too, its a beautiful movie, the underlying positive message is difficult to ignore. And who wants to ignore it anyway.

The messages the Lion King sends to kids about love, friendship and hope are so important. Especially in today’s world, and I think they are messages that kids need to hear.

So when I heard about the release of the new Lion King movie, I could not wait. Now my son is 16 years old, and he cannot wait either. And here it is, the official movie trailer, and boy, does it look good.

So here it is, in all its glory, the official Disney trailer of, “The Lion King.”

Click play below and please enjoy:

Header photo screenshot via Youtube.

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