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The Heartbreaking Moment A Stray Cat Refuses To Leave His Fallen Friend Behind

We have all heard about animals showing loyalty to fallen companions. But a house cats loyalty to a fallen friend is rarely heard of. Until now!

Some people may find images in this article disturbing, please read on using your own discretion.

We have all heard of, perhaps even seen, stories of animals mourning the loss of a loved one. Dog’s trying to get a response from a fallen companion, an elephant mourning the loss of a baby calf. But rarely do we hear stories of house cats doing something similar. A stray cat in China is about to change that.

A video that has surfaced from Songbei District in Chian which shows the depths of a cats loyalty to a fallen friend. Be warned though, the footage is upsetting as an onlooker quite calmly takes footage of a cat trying to carry his fallen companion to safety after probably being struck by a car.

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

To say this clip is heart-wrenching would be the understatement of the year as this very determined cat seeks to complete his self-appointed mission to carry his friend’s cumbersome body to safety.

Peoples opinions on why he is doing this, are varied, from people commenting that he wants privacy with his fallen friend to grieve. Or that he is hoping to find somewhere for his friend to recover. Perhaps thinking he is just stunned from the impact?

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

The Daily Mail reports that the footage was filmed in Songbei District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. What happened to the deceased cat is not known? The most likely thing is that he was struck by a car. Onlookers, not sure either can be heard saying:

“Its friend is dead, look at the cat!”

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One viewer on YouTube went on to say that no one is in that cat’s mind to really know why he is doing what he is doing, no one his in his brain. A point thousands are probably agreeing with.

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

A good point it is too. We can never truly know the depth of this cats grief at losing his companion. What the film does show, however, is that house cats have deep feelings for one and other. That they, just like us, experience grief.

To watch the incredible footage in this video click 2 below!


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