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Terrified, Alone And Clearly In Pain, She’s Trapped With No Way Of Escape

While most of the modern world has moved on, a practice that has long been considered inhumane is still being practiced in this country. It can only be said by people who are both uncaring and unfeeling.

I am talking about the practice of laying and then setting traps for wild animals. Once caught in said trap, the animal is left to suffer until it either dies in pain from blood loss. Or, if lucky, is found by the trapper and put out of its misery.

By and large, most of these traps use iron jaws, usually with teeth that snap and lock around an unfortunate animals leg when stood on. The main issue with these traps is, as I’ve said, the animal usually survives and is left to suffer.

The second issue is that these traps are indiscriminate, catching anything that is unlucky enough to step in one and set it off. Used to trap wild animals, they sometimes trap people, usually kids and a lot of pets.

To see what I mean watch the video below:

A kitten got trapped in a wolf trap. Its paw was snapped between the claws of the trap and it couldn’t get out. The situation was painful for the kitten as it had to just wait for someone to come and release the trap from its paw.

Rescuers found the kitten and went to work in releasing it and getting it medical attention to recover from the experience. The kitten grew strong and eventually, found a home once it had fully recovered from the tragic experience.

Traps come in all shapes and sizes, these kittens were caught in a very different type of trap?

Only the state of New Jersey has banned both the production and use of these traps. To find out more go to

For more details, please go to

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