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Stray, Weak And Emaciated, At The End Of His Limits A Feral Cat Walks Up To Her Asking For Help

Richie has lived his entire life on his own. Independent and completely feral, he allowed people to feed them, but he had one hard and fast rule, no one and that means no one was allowed to touch him.

Life was about to change for Richie, he started to get thinner and thinner, going from a fluffy healthy cat to a shadow of his former self. People tried to feed him, trap him, and or catch him, but he would have none of it. It was an impossible task trying to catch a feral cat.

Then one day he simply disappeared, nowhere to be found? He stopped coming to his food bowls, stopped making his daily rounds, people soon forgot about Richie. Perhaps he had been rescued, or maybe he just moved on to somewhere else?

A local woman knew something was wrong and kept an eye out for him, just in case he showed up.

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Clearly, in pain along with the smell of rotting flesh, something was stuck around his neck. He needed help!

His struggle to survive on the streets had taught him one thing. Never ever trust humans!

He used to visit her house for food as part of his daily routine. Then one day he just never appeared?

Then out of the blue, she noticed a scrawny, dirty, somewhat unkempt cat waiting outside her window? She rushed outside to check on him, she was in shock when she found out who it was.

It was Richie.

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