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Stray Kitten Had A Story To Tell, So What Better Way To Get It Out Than Live TV?

During a live broadcast, a little kitten takes her shot and walks on to the set, meowing over and over wanting her voice to be heard.

Nima Shaffe was doing a live news broadcast on WXYZ-TV Channel 7 when the tiny kitten made her impromptu appearance, walking right onto the set, meowing all the while. In fact, she kept on meowing the whole way through the entire newscast, all the while having the entire crew, and soon after the entire nation falling in love with her.

And this very determined kitty got her way too, as all her persistence pays off. With the spotlight finally shining on her as reporter Nima Shaffe is shown petting the kitten.

You Can Watch The Whole Story Unfold Below:

Named WXYZ she is taken off the set by an officer and taken to the Huron Valley Humane Society where she made herself right and home and is now up for adoption. She will have no trouble finding her forever home as the shelter has been flooded with requests for adoption due to her national TV appearance. Perhaps she had it planned all along?

A big thank you to ABC for this story.

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