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Stray Cat Befriends an Abused Pit Bull In a New Short Film By Pixar

Get your tissues ready, and if you are your office desk prepare to find somewhere private to cry.

Pixar has released a new short film that is a real tear-jerker, staring two unlikely lead characters, a fiercely independent kitten and an abused pit bull. The film tells of the “unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures” as they find friendship for the very first time.

Both animals find themselves in grave though very different yet somehow similar situations which brings them together out of necessity. The kitten is stray and living in fear, and the pit bull has a home, though is abused and therefore living in fear.

It is a simple yet beautiful story that makes a huge statement about how many animals are treated throughout society all around the world today. No doubt it will spark more conversations about pit bulls as a safe breed.

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, or both, by the end of this film you are sure to shed a tear. And I hope, make you think twice about our stray cats and dogs, and those animals living in abusive homes.

Click below to watch this film:

Please watch, enjoy and then share this amazing film with cat and dog-loving friends and family.

Photo via screenshot on Youtube.

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