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Starving And Alone She Hid Herself and Her Kittens In The Corner Of A Walmart Parking Lot

All it takes is one person to see something that’s not right and do something about it! Imagine what could happen if all of us did something like this?

Starving and alone a Moma cat and her four kittens hid in the corner of a Walmart parking lot in 1/2 an inch of water!

Big-hearted Reddit user Leyley904 decided to rescue them. She started by trying to gain the Moma cats trust, the best way to do that was by feeding her. Over a short period of time, enough trust was gained to allow Leyley to move the Mom and her kittens to a more pleasant location. You’ll see in the slideshow below she wasn’t exactly happy about the situation, but she seemed to know she was getting help.

After they felt a bit more at home Leyley decided to name the kittens. And they became known as the Iron Man kittens. Here’s why? She named them Stark, Rhodey, Jarvis, Pepper, and Happy, hence their new group title, The Iron Man Kittens.

After getting settled in and becoming a little more comfortable, Mom became a little bit grouchy. Which made it a little hard for Leyley to treat the kittens for ringworm. But she soon got it under control and eradicated the parasite. Soon the kittens began to develop their own little personalities, but I will leave that for you to find out below.

Watch this beautiful story below, enjoy:

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