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Out Taking A Walk He Meets A Kitten Spending His Very First Day Of Life Trying To Survive On The Streets

Back in the park, he meets a cute tuxedo kitten spending his first day of life trying to survive on the streets.

Going back to the park to feed the local cats he cares for Robin meets a black and white tuxedo kitten he had never seen before?

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

Very friendly he was not wary of humans at all, sadly it looked like this little guy had only just been abandoned by his uncaring family.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

When it was time to feed the community cats the tiny tuxedo joined in with great gusto, obviously very hungry.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

Sadly it looks like he will now be living on the streets unless Robin can find him a home.

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In freezing temperatures, they were visibly shivering. Clean with no fear of humans it was clear to see they had been abandoned!

Hungry, heavily pregnant and living on the streets, all she was doing was asking for help.

At least he will have the other community cats to keep him company.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

And of course, regular meals supplied by Robin.

Robin does his best to find all the cats he cares for homes, but it is an almost impossible task with so many cats and kittens being dumped where he lives.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

He later reported that he managed to find this little guy a nice warm basement to live in when winter arrives.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

Lets hope soon it will be a forever home.

Watch the full video right here below:

Robin Seplut is a kind man who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties. Even when he comes across cats that are weary of human company, he does his best to feed them and care for them.


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