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Sometimes You Have To See It To Beleive It!

We all know how intelligent cats are, but sometimes it is not until we actually see them in action that we really believe what we are seeing.

After all, it is not often we see our cats up to much!! If they are outdoor cats they are exploring or hunting. If they are indoor and or outdoor a lot of the time they are at home, sleeping or taking a catnap.

So when we see a cat, actually see them doing something like what you are about to see in the video below, it is a confirmation of what we already knew. Our cats are really smart, I mean really smart!

Just watch this guy in action, he knows exactly what he is doing, and what’s more, he knows why he wants to do it too. He wants to go from A to B and the only way to do it is to open this door. That’s called reasoning.

It put a smile on my face and I think it will put a smile on your face too.

You Can Check Out This Smart Kitty’s Video Right Here:

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