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Sometimes All Of Us, Even Cats, Have Day’s Like This!

Sometimes we can have days when we just need to be alone, a time when we need to take just for ourselves, even cats. But where do you go when you need that time? Loki knows the perfect place.

Sometimes enough is enough. Yes, we are all adults and as adults, we have adult obligations. Families to take care of, jobs to do, bills to pay.

But every now and then we all need to take a little time for ourselves, time to recharge and refocus.

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This time can come in many forms. Some of us like yoga, meditation or jogging, beating the pavement to the sound of our feet.

Or if you’re a cat you might have a special place you like to go and curl up, sleeping the day away, taking a cat nap. Loki knows the puurfect place for that.

Check out by clicking play below.

Sometimes it’s not just one thing in particular that you are dreading – work, the gym, bills, nagging kids – it’s all of it. Most of us don’t have the luxury of pulling the covers over our heads and shutting out the world – we have places to go and grown-up obligations to fulfill – but one brave cat named Loki is sticking it to the man and saying “no way” to this day!

Loki can do that, because, well, he’s a cat.

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No one else could hear it but she could. Right away she knew what it was, it was a kitten and it was crying for help!

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