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Something Huge, Disgusting And Very Uncomfortable Removed From This Kittens Nose

Relief is at hand for this poor kitten who must be so uncomfortable with a Cuterebra Larvae living in its nose.

Be aware this summer and fall in Nebraska! The Nebraska Humane Society is warning pet owners to be on the lookout for these irritating invaders by releasing footage of Cuterebra larvae being removed from a kitten’s nose.

Also found throughout the northern and southern United States, Cutebera has infected two kittens. They have recently had a simple but rather disgusting surgery.

Cuterebra is a large species of fly that live and lay their eggs near burrows of small mammals, the eggs hatch when they are triggered by the body heat of a passing mammal. Cuterebriasis is when a host mammal is infected by the tiny larvae entering the host usually through the ears, nose, mouth or small wound.

No harm comes to the animal as the larvae live in its host, other than done by over grooming by the animal itself. Especially by cats who often overgroom the larvae site. Either because of slight pain or irritation caused by the site itself, making the wound worse than it originally was, in the process.

“Watch as our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Farrington works to extract the Cuterebra, they say on their Facebook Page!

“P.S. That’s a whiny puppy in the background, the kitten was a champ!” They added: “The kitten is expected to make a full recovery!!”

Watch the removal process below, warning this video may be too graphic for some- viewer discretion is advised.

Please SHARE with all your cat loving friends who live in Cutebera prone areas. You can save so many pets from a lot of discomfort.


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