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Some Say He Has The Fastest Paws In The West?

Remember all the old Western Movies from the ’50s and ’60s, I think, as a child, I must have watched all of them. And I’m beginning to think this cat could have starred in one too.

I loved watching John Wayne as he stood in the main street of some western town in the middle of nowhere, facing down an outlaw. As the saying goes, “he had the fastest draw in the west.”

Then there were more recent movies like “Blazing Saddles,” starring Mel Brookes and Gene Wilder, with the same saying. Perhaps a little more humorous than John Wayne movies though?

When I saw this cat it reminded me of that saying, except, in this case, it’s the cat with the fastest paws in the west.

And boy are they fast, his head moves in complete unison with his paws too. Perhaps he could star in a western movie? We could call it, “Lightening Paws, The Cat With The Fastest Paws In The West.”

You can check out this lightening fast cat by clicking play below:

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