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Soaked To The Skin And Quivering With Fear, He Brings Her In From The Rain

He was out one day in the pouring rain when he heard her cries for help.

He had found a tiny kitten, clearly a stray, she tried to hide but he had her cornered and managed to put her in a nearby box.

There were was no Moma cat nearby nor other kittens so this poor little one was all alone, still pouring down he decided to take her home and give her some much-needed care and attention.

He brought her inside as petrified she cowered inside the box, while a very curious Elizabeth, another rescue kitten came to investigate. She’s not in great shape, with a discharge from the eyes, starving and soaked to the skin.

He has probably found her just in time.

Some food is placed in her box and hunger very quickly overcomes fear as she devours what is placed before her. Elizabeth is still very interested in this poor little tyke and wanders around the box, sniffing and looking as the kitten consumes her food.

To watch a beautiful transformation take place click play below:

You can watch Elizabeth’s rescue here – “Watch What Happens As This Feral Kitten Is Touched For The First Time.”

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