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They Aren’t Doing A Good Enough Job So This Cat Decides To Take Matters Into Her Own Paws

Found alone at 2-weeks old there was no way this little bunny was going to survive so they take her home and nurse her back to health, but the family cat does not think they are doing a good enough job.

She doesn’t think that the humans are doing a good job of taking care of this 2-week old abandoned bunny so this cat decides to take the little rabbit under her wing and what develops is too cute for words.

She watches the bunny get fed and tries to lend a helping paw.

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She grabs the new family member by the scruff of the neck and takes off!

Hopes were high she would accept them as her own.

Then she decides to adopt the little long-eared lifeform, they snuggle up with each other as they sleep.

The rabbit was found and rescued by a loving family and nursed back to health with some warm milk and plenty of rest.

But when the family cat gets involved, what happens next is an incredibly precious friendship you’ll have to see to believe!

Thank you both family and family cat for taking care of this cute baby.

You can watch this too cute for words video right here:

There is, unfortunately, no sound for this video.

Abandoned, All Alone, They Are Left In The House To Fend For Themselves!

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