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Smart Kitty Removes Bar To Let In Owner Locked Out Of House

Let’s face it, cats sometimes get a bad rap for being lazy, self-centered pets that lounge around the house all day, only giving us attention when they want something.

On the other hand, dogs, apparently, will do almost anything to please their owners, going to great lengths just to get attention. You’ll often find dogs in parks playing catch with their owners, whilst cats are at home sleeping the day away.

Here’s a story to set the record straight.

It all began when Gabby Tropea can home only to find out she had been locked out by her sister. She went to the back door to find it been wedged close by the now not so popular sister, to stop it from sliding open.

Boko the cat happened to be inside looking rather bemusedly out at his owner. But due to the lack of four fingers and two thumbs along with his lack of understanding of the human vernacular, he was not going to be of much use.

However Gabby came up with a cunning plan, but was Boko going to play along?

See how it all unfolded by clicking below:

The owner tapped at the glass on the other side of the window to get the cat’s attention, until the feline started to try and catch Gabby’s moving hand.

In doing so, Boko got a grip on the stick and pulled it free as his owner cheered him on. He successfully unlocked the door, allowing Gabby to get in the house.

I once came home from a holiday to find my cat had clawed the whole carpet up on the other side of the door, effectively making it impossible to open. My cat and Boko are clearly very different.

The video went viral after Gabby shared it online, where it gained over five million views and 500,000 likes at the time of writing.

Speaking to Mashable, the student explained how she’d found Boko under a bench at her university one night, and decided to take him in and restore his health.

She said: In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have picked up a visibly ill stray cat, but I did …

This is clearly karma at work; after Gabby invited Boko into her home, he returned the favor by making sure she could actually get inside.

The student described the cat as healthy and clever.

Gabby is not surprised this blew up because Boko is a hero and he deserves this.

Boko really is a hero, Gabby could still be locked out if it weren’t for him.

Good job, Boko!

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