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She’s So Good At It She Can Even Do It In Her Sleep

Many people don’t know that Tai Chi is actually a martial art, and like all martial arts it takes many years of training to perfect. But some species of animals are more gifted than others.

So when it comes to agility, seamless coordination and skill there is one species that really does outclass all others, and that as I think you have guessed is cats.

They put many other species to shame, what other animals can fall from just about any position and always always land on its feet.

Almost always doing so without fail. No, it’s not dogs, not monkey’s or baboons, elephants or giraffes. No, only cats.

And in the department of skill and unbridled agility, they outclass us humans in all departments. Apparently, just to cause us more embarrassment, even in their sleep.

If you don’t believe me just check out this cat demonstrating her Tai Chi skills while still fast asleep. Yes, you heard it right, while still fast asleep.

You can watch this slumbering Tai Chi master by clicking play below:

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