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She Knows It’s Coming! She Just Doesn’t Know When, Where Or How?

Have you ever been in the situation when you are expecting something bad to happen but you just don’t know quite when it’s going to happen or how?

Many of us have been in just this situation. I can remember walking in a park where some people were playing football. Someone pointed at me and shouted “duck!”

I didn’t know where this flying object was coming from or even if it would hit me, so I ducked a little, hunched my shoulders and prepared for possible impact. That’s all I could do, and bang a football hit me in the back of the head.

That’s the situation this poor cat is in. She’s sitting with a cat code-named “Bad Kitty,” and she knows something bad is about to her. She just doesn’t know what form this is going to take, or when. But she’s prepared for it.

Probably hanging out with a cat that’s nick-named “Bad Kitty” is not the best idea in the first place. But none the less this is the situation she finds herself in.

You Can Watch All The Action As It Unfolds Below:

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