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Shivering In Below Freezing Conditions She Shows Up Out Of Nowhere And Paws At Their Door

One afternoon, there was not too much happening at the Steinbach Fire Department in Manitoba, Canada. But that was all about to change when they received a knock at the door.

It was below freezing with a thick blanket of snow on the ground when a cat walked right up to the door, shivering she peered through the glass as they all sat nice and warm inside and paws at their door.

The firefighters knew they couldn’t just leave her out there, so they brought her in and gave her some much-needed attention.

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They were found on the back of a pickup truck in the freezing rain!

Found curled up on the curb, she is doing her best to keep her babies warm.

Over the next few days, she was treated for ear mites, given a much-needed bath.

Photo Courtesy of Steinbach Fire Department

She was also spayed and received her shots.

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