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She Is Attacked By A Rattlesnake And Turns To Flee. But Her Cat Has Other Ideas!

Jaiden was doing what most 10 years old’s do in their back yards on weekend afternoons, think she had nothing to fear!

And that is normally the case, but not on this particular afternoon. Had it not been for the family cat Oreo, it could have got a whole lot worse. But as you are about to learn, when it comes to cats, Oreo is about as fearless as any cat out there.

Jaiden did the right thing, but Oreo had other ideas, that snake was endangering his human and he was having none of that.

There are many similar stories of cats defedning children, like this cat who attacks a man to defend a baby.

You can learn about the whole encounter right here, click play:

When a frightening Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake slithered into the Peterson family’s yard in Lake County, Florida, their brave cat rushed to protect his little human, Jaiden, 10.

Oreo the cat fearlessly fought off the wild snake while Jaiden ran away, but the fierce feline suffered an injury during the fight. The Peterson family rushed Oreo to the nearest animal clinic to save his life. Oreo now wears a cast and can’t go outside, but the animal clinic expects him to make a full recovery.

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