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She Had No Plan To Own A Cat. But This Little Kitten Had Plans Of His Own

She doesn’t own a cat, she had no plans of owning a cat. Little did she know a certain cat had plans for her.

The photos you are about to see are of a cat, no surprise there, but this cat is not Brena’s cat! Before these photos were taken she did not have any cats! This cat just invited himself into her home and decided to stay.

Brena being the kind lady she is welcomed this bold feline with open arms, it seemed this cat had no plans to be anywhere else. At least it wasn’t like this lady who thought she was adopting one cat, not eight!

Apparently, this sort of thing is not at all unusual, at least judging from what other Twitter users are saying in response to Brena’s tweet.

You can watch the full video below of his arrival here:

Just as soon as the video went viral, other Twitter users chimed in with similar stories. It seems it’s a normal thing for a cat to just show up and make himself comfortable

Photo Courtesy of JenniMarie1971
I didn’t have a cat either…until last winter when this little guy followed my dogs into the house and never left. “

Let’s be honest – most of us dream of the day a cat just moves in with us. I don’t think any of these people are complaining.

Photo Courtesy of SaadiyahDaud
“I don’t have a cat either but this guy shows up every day .”

And if any of you are complaining – please call me. I will take all the cats. All of them.

Photo Courtesy of onalll4s
“Fed Him 1 Time Now He Lives Here.”

It looks like it’s a happy ending for Brena and her kitty roommate. He has since been named Jeffrey, and he looks nice and cozy.

Take a look at this cat who wanted a brother so he found one and brought him home by the scruff of the neck!

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