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Immediately She Put Her Muzzle Inside The Box And Lifted Out A Squirming New Born Kitten

Sometimes one animal’s empathy for another animal in need seems to surprise us! I don’t know why, as many animals show more empathy than human beings sometimes?

And so it was with Banner, a three-year-old Siberian Huskey who lead her owner Whitney to a sealed box abandoned in the forest. Upon opening the box Whitney could not believe her eyes as Banner gently put her muzzle in and neatly lifted out a squirming newborn kitten.

Inside the box were seven kittens in total, immediately Whitney decided to rear the kittens herself. Only to learn that she would have help, as Banner decided to adopt them as her own.

You can watch the whole video right here below:

Banner not only helps her owner, who has health problems but also has a unique talent. The kittens in the above story are not the only animals Banner has saved, she is great when it comes to saving other animals that need help too.

Thank you, Banner.

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