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She Found A Cat Battered And Bruised, Covered In An Infection That Spread From Her Tail To Her Whole Body

The cry she heard coming from her laundry was unlike anything she had ever heard before. What she found was a cat, a very battered cat that must have been suffering for a long long time.

She had so many issues it was hard to know where to start! Like this cat, she had an infection in her tail that a spread and covered her whole body along with badly broken teeth she looked very very ill and in so much pain.

She contacted AMA Animal Rescue, Brooklyn, New York who rushed someone to the home to see what could be done to help this poor feline.

You can watch the full video here:

They immediately brought her to Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice.

What was left of her tail was too infected to be saved and had to be removed.

Today, this kitty is doing much better! She may not have a tail now, but she does have a forever home! She has since been adopted and is living the best life ever.

Having no tail did not slow her down. She still runs, jumps, plays with her toys, and is just like any other cat!

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If this cat wasn’t cold or lonely enough then the note they left beside him certainly made sure of it!

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