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She Fell Fast Asleep In The Most Comfortable Place She Could Find

Have you ever heard the song “I’ve got the whole world in my hand?” This guy doesn’t have the whole world, but what he does have lying there, fast asleep in his palm is so damn cute!!

This little one is sound asleep, her little body completely filling the palm of his hand. She obviously completely trusts him, knowing she’s in the safest place she could be. Look how she is twitching about, she must be having a really good dream too.

It’s quite interesting to compare this cute video of a tiny house cat kitten sleeping to one of the big cat cubs doing exactly the same thing. In this case, a Clouded Leopard cub fast asleep lying on her back. The Clouded Leopard is my favorite big cat, I really love their markings. Really beautiful and making such great camouflage.

But back to this little angel so peacefully fast asleep like that, dreaming her kittenish dreams puts a big smile on my face. It makes you feel, just for a moment, that everything is right and well with the world. I hope it does the same for you too. Adorable.

Watch this cute little ball of fur in the video below:

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