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Seemingly Appearing From Nowhere, Three Mountain Lions Surround His Car.

Three Mountain Lions surround his car. Then one of the large cats gets a little too close for comfort and starts to stare him down!

A man on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada is thanking his lucky stars that he was inside his vehicle after three Mountain Lions surround his it.

Adam Nash was still sitting inside the vehicle when the surprise visit from the large cats occurred. Seemingly appearing from, nowhere the three big cats approached silently from the trees.

The young cats then proceed to surround the car and one of them gets a little too close for comfort, staring a little too intently at Adam through the windscreen.

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You can watch this amazing, rare wildlife encounter in the video below:

Note: the clip contains some explicit language.

Adam, from Comox Valley, can be heard saying “This is crazy. Oh my God, oh my God,” as the three cougars approached his car and one stares him down. He captured the frightening moment on video.

Adam said that the wild cats hung around his car for about 20 minutes before disappearing into the forest.

Conservation officers believe the cats are young and were likely curious about the car.

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She took them into her home, but the mother cat still wanted out!

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