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Riding Home He Thought He Saw A Terrified Kitten Stranded On The Road!

Riding home near Mons Belgium a motorcyclist shouts no, as he zooms past what appears to be a terrified kitten, huddled in the middle of the road!

Recording everything through his helmet cam, he knows he has to go back to try and rescue a terrified kitten, running back he can see cars driving right over the top of it!

Another man stops in his car and attempts to direct traffic away from the tiny frightened feline.

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The kitten appears almost glued to the road.

Reaching the kitten he can see its to scared to even move, his camera records the moment he plucks tiny creature off the asphalt.

The look on the kittens face I think says it all, one of pure gratefulness.

You can watch this hair raising video right here:

“I saved a little cat in the middle of the road in Mons, Belgium,” the man driving the motorcycle told ViralHog about the incident that took place on Aug. 29. “A man helped me. The cat was very afraid. But now, it is good.”

The kitten gives the most adorable look back towards its rescuer as if to say thank you for saving its life.


Rescued from the streets, the runt of the litter, she’s so tiny she’s almost all fluff!

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