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Overwhelmed With Affection This Bobcat Just Can’t Stop Sharing The Love

This rescued Bobcat seems to be so overwhelmed with affection he can’t stop sharing his love with his rescuers.

According to his former owner, Benji the Bobcat was rescued from a suspect breeder when he was just six weeks old. Apparently, after being born Benji suffered a stroke and because of that stroke he was not saleable, he was going to be put down, so George and his partner decided to rescue Benji.

Now before I go any further I just want to let you all know my own personal belief is that there is only one place for a Bobcat to be. And that is in the wild, doing what Bobcats do best, living and running free, after all, that is what they are, wild animals. But let’s face it, there are unscrupulous people out there, breeding exotic animals for one reason and one reason only, to make money.

If I had heard of Benji, alone in that situation, facing what he was facing I would be trying to rescue him too. And that is exactly what George did, he rescued Benji. Benji became a part of Georges family, they bonded, and that is the way it should have stayed. It was a bond that was going prove to be unshakable.

There is no way Benji was ever going to survive in the wild now, it was too late. But then the laws in Georges state of Ohio changed. It was virtually impossible for him to keep Benji, so he took the hard decision to put him in a sanctuary before the state came and took him.

He looked around till he thought he had found the right one and took that last drive there to drop Benji off. Over several weeks he visited Benji, and on the last visit, Benji refused to get close to him. George felt that Benji was upset for abandoning him, not getting any closer than 20 feet away.

George got the call two days after the visit that Benji had passed away, the vet who did the autopsy said he was in perfect health. Nothing at all physically wrong with him. He told George Benji had died of a broken heart. RIP Benji.

Watch Benji sharing the love here:

Sharing Is Caring


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