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Only Watch If You Are Ready To Have Your Heart Melt

There is just something about cute kittens that make us go all soft a gooey inside, quickly followed by that universal sound.

Aaahhhh. Its something many of us can’t get enough of. This is one of the reasons cute kitten videos have become so popular on youtube. Not just cute kitten videos, but videos of babies from almost any species you care to name?

Of course, it is a statistical fact that cats and kittens are by far the most popular.

With good reason too, especially when you take into account that over 20% of the planet’s population visit youtube. And while it’s not proven, it is almost a sure thing that most of those 1.5 billion people watch cat videos. And why wouldn’t they, cute fluffy cats and kittens just make us feel good.

There is after all only one thing better than watching a cute fluffy cat or kitten video, and that is actually having one as part of your family. That way you get the best of both worlds, watching, hugging and cuddling one at home. And then watching as many as you like on youtube.

So sit back press play and prepare to say Aaahhhh:

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