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On His Next Expedition Into The Rainforest He Finds Himself A New Role. As A Big Cats Playmate

Coyote Peterson, a wildlife expert with his own TV show, is on a night expedition into the Costa Rican rainforest looking for amphibians and reptiles. He is in for a completely unexpected treat.

As cat lovers many of us have had the feeling that we didn’t choose our cat, in fact, many of us suspect our cats may have chosen us!

That being said being chosen by a big cat was the last thing wildlife expert Coyote Peterson expected when he ventured into the Costa Rican rain forest?! Not used to seeing strange two-legged creatures in his part of the rain forest he had to check them out.

While walking along the trail is attacked right out of the blue by this absolutely gorgeous ocelot. Although a large cat, the attack was made in a very friendly though rather forceful way.

This is a very up close and personal encounter that all in all lasts about three hours as this very inquisitive ocelot kitten, who is only about half-grown follows Coyote and the crew around the rainforest.

Watch this stunning enounter with a very playful ocelot here:

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