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No, She Is not High On Catnip!

King Kong must be this little kittens favorite movie if this couch climbing stunt is anything to go by?

King Kong is one of those iconic movies with many remakes made over many decades since the original release in 1933. By the looks of it, this little Calico has seen at least one of those versions as she is doing a very good copy of Kong on the Empire State Building!

Her name is Tiramisu, she was 4-months old when this clip was taken. There was some thought that she may have been high on catnip at the time? However, apparently that was not the case, this was just good clean kittenish fun.

I can almost see the airplanes flying around her head. The only major difference I can see apart from her being a kitten and Kong being a giant Gorilla is her tail.

King Kong deffinately did not have a tail waving to and fro from what I can remember. Though I have to admit it does make this short clip that much more entertaining.

You can watch her scale the dizzy heights of ths recliner right here:

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