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No One, No One At All Is Allowed Anywhere Near This Tiny Tigers Food!

In the sweetest way, she lets her human know she’s hungry and would like a bite to eat. But when she has her meal her attitude changes from that of sweet kitten to a hungry ferocious Tiger in a heartbeat!

Margo the Tortoiseshell kitten is cute, there’s no doubt about it, but when she gets her meal the claws quite literally come out.

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You have to be fast that’s for sure because if you don’t get your fingers out of the way fast enough you get to see just how sharp her claws are!

And her cute growls show, just under that cute kitten exterior, there beats the heart of a true Tiger!

You can watch this very cute video right here below:

Margo, like most kittens, uses her tiny meow to attract attention because she’s hungry and is ready for something to eat. Her human is on hand immediately provides the adorable kitten with some wet food. 

But when little Margo digs into her tasty meal, her human discovers that she is actually very protective. She’s a feisty little thing and of course, when you’re that little, you need to stick up for yourself even more.

She is not letting anyone get close to her food, not even her beloved human who gave it to her!

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The find her abandoned on the lawn, bleeding from the eyes, she needs immediate help, but the vets are closed!

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