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Need Time To Yourself. Turn On Petflix.

In the past few years, the continuing rise in popularity of Netflix has been phenomenal. But now they are in for some serious competition, in the form of, wait for it, Petlix!

That’s right, Petlix is here! Need a little time to yourself, a break from your little four-footed felines. Just put on Petflix, put up your feet and kick back and relax as, all the while, they remain entertained. Or better still, take a nap.

OK, so Petflix is not a real phenomenon, but what a great play on words and possibly, a great idea? What do you think? Put some iPads in all the cat cafe’s, and stream videos of fish in ponds, birds in trees, feeling so close that these little guys can almost touch! All through Petflix.

It could work, just look at the video below, these extremely cute little guys are clearly entertained. Who’s youngster doesn’t like watching the smurfs? So if Netflix ever becomes reality, just remember you heard it here first at the Kitten Cat Post.

Just so you see what I mean, click play on the video below:

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