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Moma Cat Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Her Kitten. Even If Means Stopping Traffic

How she got there we don’t know, but one thing we do know is there is nothing stronger than a mothers love. And this Moma cat will stop at nothing to protect her kitten, even if it means stopping traffic.

She evens stops a bus, and concerned citizens do everything to try and trap this Mom and her baby in a makeshift cage.

They set a trap for the Mom by placing the kitten inside a plastic container.

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Initially, this feisty Mom is having none of it though and strikes out at an unprotected hand.

You can watch the full video here, but have a box of tissues ready!

It’s common knowledge, the mothers’ maternal instinct to protect her babies is extremely strong in just about every species. That being said, the same thing applies to cat mothers! This video is quite sad but has a nice ending.

Drivers noticed a mother who was trying to protect her last kitty in a very busy street.

Some people simply ignored the sad cat, but very kind humans stopped busy traffic to rescue the cat and her baby!

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A thick crust covered her entire body. How many people had seen her and just allowed her to suffer?

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