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They’re All Fast Asleep When The Earthquake Strikes! Kitty-Cam Catches It All.

A group of cats peaceful morning snooze was rudely interrupted by a decent 6.0 magnitude earthquake! What does a cat do in this situation?

Ever wondered how cats behave in a major emergency? A man caught his cat’s dealing with one when his kitty-cam catches it all.

These cats have a pretty cushy set up with Pei-Yu Kuo in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Kuo likes to keep an eye on his Feline family via a kitty-cam so that he can record their daily activities. One thing he never thought he would catch is his kitty-cam catching this sort of action!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/小跑貓嗚嗚

Last Thursday a group of cats in catching a much-needed cat-nap when it is rudely interrupted by a good size 6.0 magnitude earthquake!

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At precisely 5.28 am the earthquake struck, the apartment building begins to shake and shudder!

Screenshot via Video/YouTube

So what does a cat do during such an emergency?

To find out watch the video below:

Actually surprisingly little, for the most part, they remained pretty calm.

Though the cats were clearly confused during the quake, for the most part, they remained remarkably composed considering the circumstances. (And thankfully, none were injured.)

Screenshot via Video/YouTube

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time cats have been caught on video during an earthquake. Just last year, footage from a cat café in Japan shows a group of kitties who appear to have sensed the impending shaking moments before it began:

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Clearly unwell, she sits motionless on the sidewalk. Everyone just walks right on by.

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