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Kittens Will Sleep Through Anything. Until They Hear This Noise?

Some of us are light sleepers and some of us are heavy sleepers, these cute little guys can sleep through just about anything!! Until they hear one particular noise that is?!!

If like me you are a light sleeper like me you’ll wake up to just about anything, even the slightest noise will wake you. You need earplugs or noise-canceling earphones to get a good nights rest.

Or better still just a quiet night to get recharged for the next day. If you’re a heavy sleeper you can sleep through just about anything, anywhere, anytime. I always envy these peoples ability to sleep on planes, cat napping on the subway, talk about lucky!!

Cats on the other pretty much sleep for most of the day and pretty much ignore just about everything as the video below will show you. They have the rare talent of being able to choose whether or not to respond to what they are hearing.

If it is something that interests them they can be up like a shot, if not? Well, let’s catch some more Zs!!

Check out what I mean by watching this amusing video below:

These little kittens seem to be in a deep, deep sleep all cuddled together in their box. Maybe they’re dreaming about running around in the sunshine or dipping their little paws into a babbling brook to catch a fish or two for lunch. However, as soon as one very specific noise enters their big, pointy ears? This is too cute. My cats do this all the time, too! They must really know what’s important in life.

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