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Mom Warns Him To “Stay Away” From The New Kitten, But He Refuses To Listen!

Big dogs are intimidating to some people, just remember appearances can be deceiving. As within most big dogs resides a gentle heart, watch what this one does and you’ll see what I mean.

Tennyson is a big boy, a large German Shepherd, he can appear intimidating to people who don’t know him. But under that exterior resides a soft heart. One that shows itself when Tennyson sees a tiny kitten struggling to climb a flight of stairs.

Climbing the stairs to go home Tennyson sees a kitten struggling to take each step at a time. His legs are too short to easily climb the flight of stairs. Being the big-hearted boy he is Tennyson can’t bear to stand by and watch, he wants to help, but his Mom won’t allow it.

Despite Mom’s warning, Tennyson isn’t very patient. He wants to grab the kitten by the scruff of his neck, but the dog’s mouth is too large, and the kitten’s scruff is too small.

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So Tennyson VERY GENTLY places the kitten’s head in his mouth and carries him up the last few stairs.

When Tennyson finally puts the kitten down, they immediately cuddle up together at the top of the stairs and look down at Mom like, “What’s the problem?”

We love how Tennyson looks adorably pleased with himself after “saving” his kitty brother. He might have disobeyed his mom, but Tennyson believes he did the right thing.

This is definitely a sweet start to a lifelong friendship!


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