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I Think I Can Wake Up, I Think I Can Wake Up…Can I?

He’s taking the sweetest nap imaginable when something tells him its time to wake up. But does he really want to wake up?

He’s on his back all curled up on a nice soft bed, stretching out in the cutest most comfortable position he can find. It really is adorable, and just when you think things could not get any cuter, unbelievably they do!

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Something tells him its time to wake up. Maybe he’s hungry, maybe he wants to play, whatever it is it’s time to wake up. He stretches out even more and the battle for consciousness begins.

You can watch this very adorable video right here below:

This kitten works so hard to wake himself up in the sweetest way imaginable, and we are totally in love with the entire process. First, he stretches and then he moves around the bed. Then he opens his eyes and looks surprised that there was even a hint of interest in him.

That does not stop him, however, from deciding that he would go ahead and close his eyes once again and make it an effort to really get comfortable again. We’re telling you that this is so sweet you’re going to want a sleepy kitten of your own from this point forward. It’s darling.

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