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I Don’t Know Whether He is The Pied Piper Of Catdom Or If It’s Just A Kitten Case Of Follow The Leader?

Whatever this is I can’t think of a better way to spend your bank holiday than with true friends like these little guy’s.

These tiny felines seem pretty devoted to him too, I wonder if they think he is their Mom? They just tumble over themselves as they follow him around the lawn.

Wherever he goes, they go. I keep saying this whenever I see a cute kitten video, and I have to apologize because I’m going to say it again. But I think this is just about the cutest kitten video I think I have ever seen? And it will be too until I see the next cute kitten video!

I’m still not sure what to call this though, follow the leader, the pied piper of catdom or if its a train of tiny kittens with a human playing the locomotive?

Whatever it is there is only one sure thing here, and that is, it is just too damn cute.

You can watch these little guy’s play follow the leader with their human below:

For another cute kittens check out this one – “They Will Sleep Through Just About Anything Until They Hear This Noise.”

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