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Hungry, Terrified And Alone He Has Been Dumped On A Trash Heap And Left Crying For His Mom!

Hungry, alone, terrified, and very confused he had been dumped on a trash pile, crying for his Mom!

A kind-hearted person spots a terrified kitten someone had more than likely just dumped on a pile of trash.

The tiny kitten was no more than about one week old and clearly starving. So the good samaritan took him home and gave him some milk before taking him to the vet for much needed medical attention.

Apart from malnutrition, the vet found he was also suffering from a mild infection.

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He finds a box of kittens abandoned on a trash heap. One by one he takes them in his jaws and carries them home.

Rescued from a trash can a tiny kitten comforts himself by nursing on his owner’s hand.

Thankfully it is not serious.

After treatment a foster volunteer was found and finally had the love he had lost after being cruelly being separated from his Mom.

He now receives around the clock feeding and care to make sure he will grow into a healthy young kitten. He was thankfully found before it was too late.

Having escaped a very sad end on a trash heap, when he is old enough he will be adopted into his very own forever home.

Loved and cared for for the rest of his life.

You can watch the full video right here below:

Weak And Malnourished, He Was Barely Moving! Locals Say He Had Been Lying In The Same Position For Hours, She Hoped She Was Not Too Late!

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