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His Feline Friend Is Trapped In The Shed. When You’re A Rabbit There’s Really Only One Solution!

When you are a rabbit and your feline friend is trapped in a garden shed there is really only one thing you can do?

A rabbit, who for the sake of this post we have named as Rabbit, realizes that his feline friend, Pelu the kitten, is trapped with no hope of escape inside the garden shed. So he comes up with a brilliant idea?

An idea that he just happens to be brilliantly equipped to handle. And that is just what he does, he digs, every now and then you can see Pelu’s paws pocking through the hole touching Rabbits head as if spurring him on.

Watch the full rescue attempt in the video below:

After a minute of digging, the rabbit seems to have taken a break. Then it can be seen pushing his pile of dirt out of the way for easier digging. The bunny eventually digs a hole under the shed, allowing the cat to escape.

Are rabbits smarter than I’ve been giving them credit for all these years? Bunny eventually digs a hole under the shed, allowing the cat to escape.

By the way, I don’t think the cat was actually trapped. I think the rabbit might’ve thought it was, though. What do you think?

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