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Hearing Its Cry For Help He Found A Tiny Kitten So Tightly Trapped It Couldn’t Even Move!

Hearing a cry for help the owner of an SUV found a tiny kitten trapped in his vehicle in Burbank. He couldn’t reach it so he called local police and firefighters to see if the innocent baby could be saved!

They worked for about an hour trying to gain access to where the tiny feline was trapped. They had to be careful where they were cutting into the SUV so as not to harm the little kitten.

After an hour they were able to successfully pull the little creature free from the confines of the vehicle.

The kitten was then taken to an animal shelter where it will be checked over, taken care of and then when old enough, put up for adoption.

To watch the full video of this rescue click play below:

A very scared kitten was rescued from the engine of an SUV in Burbank.

The owner of the SUV called for help before 11 p.m. Sunday after hearing the little cat cry out for help.

Police and firefighters responded to the scene on Victory Boulevard and carefully worked for about an hour to get the kitten out safely.

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He went missing for four days, they searched everywhere. Somehow, during that time, paralyzed he managed to drag himself home.

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