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He See’s A Cat Drowning So He Jumps In To Try And Help

Dogs and cats are not renowned for getting along, especially when they don’t know each other. But sometimes that is not always the case?

In fact, trusting one and other is not exactly high on their list. But sometimes, just sometimes they even help each when one of them is in distress

Recently an act of canine bravery was recorded and once again proves that animals can surprise us. And once again shows how much human beings can learn from animals.

Somehow a cat has fallen into some deep water and can’t get out. Desperate and in danger of drowning she cries for help but no one is near.

She finds something to cling on to, but how long can she hold on. A dog arrives on the scene, seeing the danger cat is in he paces back and forth. He must have heard her calls for help.

He puts his face as close to the cat as he can and gets clawed for his trouble by the panicking feline. Completely unfazed he keeps trying before realizing he will need to try something else.

To find what he does click next below!

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