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Blind And Deaf, He Never Left The Safety Of His Bed Until One Day, He Met A Tough Stray Cat

At 14-years old he was completely blind and partially deaf, stuck in a basket to keep him safe. His life changed in a big way when he met a certain stray cat.

By the time Terfel was 14-years old, he was completely blind with only partial hearing. So to keep him safe his family placed him in a basket, good for Terfel’s safety, but not so great for his quality of life as he rarely left the safety of his new bed.

However, his life took a turn for the better when he met a stray cat called Poody Tat, who one day walked into the blind dogs somewhat restricted world. Not great with other cats, he quickly became Terfel’s best friend.

His human says that Poody Tat seems to know Terfel is blind and needs him.

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He helps Terfel, leading him around the house and has become his designated “guide cat”.

Taking Terfel on little adventures he might otherwise never have had.

When they are not out walking together, they love cuddling on the couch. These are two friends definitely lean on each other!

Bonded together this unusual pair have become friends for life. Each enriching the life of the other in a very positive and equally beautiful way

Watch the video of these two good friends here below:

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