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He Kicks And Punches Her. He Wasn’t Expecting Her To Do This!

According to Sky’s owner, Sky is a trusting friendly cat who will go up to anyone. One thing is for sure she certainly didn’t deserve this treatment, caught by CCTV footage just outside her owner’s house.

Sky’s owner Neil Fisher heard Sky his “cat wailing and crying” outside his Manchester UK home and went outside to investigate. “I was getting ready to go out and then I came round the corner and this little boy was running away. I checked the CCTV straight away and was just disgusted at what I saw. It happened right outside my front door.”

The CCTV footage shows a young boy tormenting Sky in an unbelievably cruel way, trying to grab her by the tail, picking her up and throwing her into a hedge, then attempting to kick and punch her. Sky is doing her best to avoid the boy, but he just keeps coming after her.

Sky looks down at this point, but she is not out because she has had enough of being treated this way and lets the young boy know it. Leaving him with a scratch on the neck and arm. “I’m absolutely furious about it. It was heartbreaking to see an animal you love being treated with absolutely no respect,” Mt Fisher said.

Mr. Fisher, who is 35, who runs his own security firm, stated: “It makes me so angry that anyone, even a child, thinks it’s OK to treat an animal like this. It doesn’t say a great deal for their upbringing. “I went round to the kid’s parents’ house and his mum just slammed the door in my face before I even got a chance to explain to her what had happened.”

“I was really disturbed watching it back. He can’t have been older than five or six.” Mr. Fisher notified the Manchester Police, but apparently, there is little they can do regarding the incident due to the age of the boy involved.

You can watch this horrifying video below:

Mr. Fisher went on to say: “If you watch it, after a while she’s just had enough. You can’t blame her. Two times he tries to pick her up then backs off when she sticks her claws out.

“The thing is, most cats will run away if they see a person but Sky is so friendly and approachable.

“She’s too trusting of people and that’s what annoys me the most. She probably thought he going to give her a stroke and play with her, not attack her.

“Sky hasn’t any got any lasting damage, not that I can see through all her fur anyway. You can’t ask a cat how it is and they can’t exactly come in and tell you what’s happened.

“People have said to me about how kids who abuse animals go on to abuse other humans. It really frightens me that someone would do this to a defenseless animal.”

An RSPCA spokesman stated: “Just as parents teach their children how to safely cross a road, it’s also their responsibility to show youngsters how to behave when they’re around pets and animals.


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