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Friends Fuur ever Can Only Be Friends Fuur Life

We all have friends that go way back, in some cases all the way back to preschool. Friends we have known since we were well, babies.

These are the types of friends who will stick by you no matter what, friends that will stand by your side and see you through thick and thin, come what may.

That’s the type of friendship I saw when I first watched this video. These two have clearly been together since they were babies and have a very close bond.

The very patient puppy is wagging his tail furiously has this tiny kitten mounts ferocious mock attack after mock attack. I can just see these two together as adult animals napping together in the lounge.

Or as raising litters of their own together, with another group of kittens and puppies play fighting together, gambling about to and fro.

Now that would make another sweet video to watch, I look forward to it!

You can watch this highly entertaining video below:

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