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First Of All, What Is It? Second, How Did It Get Here? Third, Why Does It Make So Much Noise?

I can still remember as a kid when my little sister arrived in the home for the very first time. My brother and I were very interested, if not tinged with a touch of jealousy at all the attention she was getting.

That seems to be what this tuxedo cat is going through. Though perhaps it’s mixed in with a strong dose of first of all, what is it? This cats probably never even seen a human baby let alone heard one.

This cat will probably end up being a little jealous too. I can remember my Mom telling me about a Siamese cat we used to have when I was a newborn.

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Mom came to check on me in my crib only to find the cat sitting right on my face!

Apparently, I could barely breathe! Needless to say, the cat was not allowed anywhere near my room after that, thank goodness I’m still here to tell the tale.

To watch this highly entertaining video click next below!


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