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Dumped In A Trash Can In The Park, Her Wounds Were Serious

Being a foster mom to tiny kittens is not something to be taken lightly. After all, you are responsible for a bunch of little lives. But sometimes things can go wrong.

As was the case when Jess found herself looking after a litter of kittens that had been dumped in a park trash can. Jess had only ever looked after one kitten at a time in the past, she had done such a great job she was entrusted with a full litter.

Everything was going fine until Jess noticed one of the kittens had a very serious wound.

You can watch the full video right here below:

Jess was scared about what it might be so immediately took her to the vet. He said that it didn’t look good as there could be a lot of damage, she probably wouldn’t last long so the best course of action was to euthanize her.

Jess couldn’t possibly allow that to happen as the kitten seemed so determined and strong so she took her home.

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