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Cute Kitten Launches Attack After Attack On An Unsuspecting Pedestrian

People who have not been dragged into this ocean of kitty veneration, are dealing with a very logical question.

“What aroused such interest in these soft-furred mousers? Why not dogs? Why not birds? Or fish? Why cats? “.

Screenshot via YouTube Video

Both the people doing the campaigns, promoting cats online, and the viewers, who are loyal cat fans, are doing their very best to unravel the mystery of kitty cat interest. But even they cannot provide a single definite answer, apart from:

“But they are soo cuuuuute – don’t you just want to squeeeeeze theeem?”, “Cat is my spirit animal, and I think that half the world agrees with me”, “Cats …hmm … I just love them!”, “Cause they are so funny and adorable.”

Screenshot via YouTube Video

We are not here to provide answers, we only provide the best cat videos you can find online and make your own conclusion. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Screenshot via YouTube Video
To see this very cute kitten doing attack after attack click play below:

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The runt of the litter she had always walked the streets. One day she decided to make a change for the better and turned up out of the blue looking for help!

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