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Conquering Your Own Everest Is Not Easy, But It Sure Is Cute!

They are all meowing, they are all so very cute, and they are all trying to scale their own Everest in the form of their Foster Mom.

As you are about to see fostering abandoned, stray or feral kittens can be a very rewarding experience, especially when they are this cute.

Kittens love to climb, you can watch as this kitten climbs a chair to do her best King Kong impersonation! So cute.

Watching them trying to climb her legs is just so precious. It makes you want to pick them all up and cuddle every single one of them.

You can watch this too cute video right here below:

So if you’ve ever dreamed about being covered in a cluster of teeny, tiny, meowing kittens, you’re about to get some serious snuggle envy!

The kittens in the video below are all trying to scale up their foster mom, Kristi Bellis, who often cares for kitties out of her home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The only thing more amazing that these cuties’ instincts to climb is the fact one of them actually makes it to the “top”!

Those little meows are just too precious!

Watch these cute kittens fast asleep, until they hear a certain noise?

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