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Check Out This Cats Reaction When He Opens The Front Door After Being Away

It’s kinda nice to know you have been missed by your loved ones when you have been away.

Let’s face it, it’s good to feel loved wanted and needed. Sometimes those that miss us extend all the way to our pets as well. You can see this is so by the reaction of this man’s cat, who obviously very much missed him after he had been away on a business trip.

Now there may be some people who think the cat was probably thirsty or hungry, so I’m going to forestall any of those thoughts by letting those people know that she was well looked after while his owner was away.

The next door neighbor came over on a daily basis to make sure she was well fed and had enough water. This cat’s reaction to the owner coming home is adorable. I have to keep watching it over and over again.

You can watch this cute video right here below:

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